Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday's Playoff Games

First off, I have to comment on the Heat-Nets game, since it was the only one on "broadcast" TV... that's right - no cable for me. I might have been tempted to go to a sports/alcohol venue to view the remaining games of the evening, but it's Sunday, and Sunday is a lazy day... if I hadn't been going to see Moby last night, I might have gone out to watch the games... since Saturday is party night.

Anyway, the Heat, the Nets. Here's how it is: I used to like Vince Carter. In his interview with Amhad that they aired at half time he was trying to take back what he said about playing half-assed in Toronto. Now, I'm willing to buy that the media is extremely adept as misconfiguring, reconstruing and otherwise pillaging and razing any comments made by anyone... there is a point at which they must bear some truth. Everyone knows Vince played like Shit (with a capital S) in Toronto. Whether this was truly only because he didn't have Jason Kidd on his team there can be argued. Whether he was really dogging it, or just having trouble finding assitance on the team can also be argued. But he played like crap, complained until he was traded, and when he left the didn't seem to struggle any more without him than they did with him. Now all of a sudden he's playing like the Vince of Olde? I have no sympathy. In fact, watching the game, I was turned so far as to hope that they lose in as few games as possible.

Meanwhile, my former arch nemesis as a Laker, has grown a goatee which I'm sure he hopes is reminiscent of ancient Chinese warriors (who fought with honor and were endowed with great wisdom), and also grown into a spot in my heart where only a lovable giant could fit. It was hard to fit him in there, especially since I also have to squeeze Dwanye Wade and his unflinching work ethic in there too. And, Alonzo Mourning has been my favorite of the first three picks of the draft that yielded three current Heat players. He's been through a lot, and despite that he pulled a Jim Jackson by not reporting to Toronto, I think he deserves a title. In Mourning, the Heat have pretty much the best backup center you can get. He could probably spell Shaq for an entire game and you'd hardly notice. Not that it's going to happen, but just so you know that it could.

Next up... Da Bulls! Some crackpot over at thinks the Wizards are still going to win, despite being down 1-0 in the series. Okay, maybe I'm going a little overboard... I didn't even see the game, so I don't know how well they played, but they won. Of coures, if they do manage to win the series (which I picked them to do in my playoff game), they'll play the Heat... and get obliterated. Even if Curry and Deng returned at full strength, I don't think they could handle the Heat. But I'd be happy to let the Heat with this year if it means Shaq will retire sooner. The Bulls are young and if Skiles can keep the small but growing egos in check, they're going to a dominant team in short order.

As I'm writing this, the Spurs are leading Denver... only by 5, with 10 minutes left... but it leads me to my last point which is: The Spurs are too much for the Nuggets. I mean, when someone's reasone for saying that you might beat the Spurs is because you're "hot" ... that just isn't going to cut it.

And I'm spent.