Monday, April 11, 2005

Share the Knowledge

On a side note, I'm now 3-0 this season at Bulls games. I thought of this post at the game Saturday, even though I'd read about it somewhere before... I want to say on the Celtic Blog, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Speaking of the game Saturday, the Bulls clinched a playoff spot by winning that game. And I was there. Between that and the opening of Millennium Park, I feel I am truly becoming integrated with Chicago.

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing this is to share the knowledge I gained a while ago (once again, I can't remember where)... which is this: Shaking those signs behind the backboard while players are shooting free throws doesn't really do anything. First of all, the guys are trained by muscle memory and are pretty good at tuning that stuff out. Second, and more importantly, many signs moving in many, random directions actually tend to cancel each other out in the mind of the player. They essentially turn into white noise or static that can be filtered out.

Why am I mentioning this (besides just being a curmudgeon who sits up in the upper deck instead of behind the backboard?) ... because of this: If all of the people were to move back and forth in unison, "sway" if you will, (like if they were holding up lighters - but don't do that unless you want to get kicked out - and rocking back and forth to a power ballad at a rock concert)... if those fans were to coordinate their activities thus, it would give the player shooting the free throw the perception that it was actually the basket that was moving back and forth and not the background (I think it's our minds that are trained to think that way). Doesn't that sound much more effective in making players miss? I'm sure everyone would agree that it'd be harder to make baskets if the hoop was moving...

So, to summarize: If you're at a crucial point in a playoff game and the opposing team is shooting free throws, try to get the people behind the back board to Sway.

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