Thursday, April 14, 2005

Playoff Predictions

I've been seeing what all the "professional writers" are saying... and since fantasy basketball is pretty much over, I thought I'd continue my coverage of basketball in a more general sense...

Here's my thoughts on the playoffs:

First of all, I'm very excited. This playoffs looks to be one of the more fun playoffs we've seen in a long time (although what could be more fun than watching the Lakers fall apart last year?)

While I think that Shaq (with Mourning backing him up) and Wade are pretty much unstoppable, nothing says that Shaq isn't going to get injured... if he plays the whole way, though, the Heat are the team to beat.

The West is the widest open I think it's been in a long time. If Duncan is over his ankle injury, then obviously the Spurs are the team to beat. But the Suns, Sonics, Mavericks, Kings, Nuggets, and Rockets all seem like they've got a pretty good chance. It's going to be awesome to see them duke it out.

Also, I'm excited to be in Chicago for the Bulls first playoff appearance since the Glory Days. If I hadn't mentioned it before, I was there when the Bulls clinched their first spot in 7 years. With that and the Illini this year, Chicago is doing pretty well in the basketball world. But, will they be able to win a series without Eddy Curry? We already know they can beat lesser teams without Luol Deng... but they lost to their likely opponents, the Wizards, last night...

I'd like to leave this as an open thread to any passersby... Feel free to leave your comments, predictions, hopes, and wildest fantasies here... just click where it says comments and let your conscience be your guide.