Thursday, April 21, 2005's Pick 'N Roll Playoff Game Pick 'N Roll:
"Think you've got the prognostication skills to challenge any expert pundit? Predict your way through the postseason with Pick 'n Roll,'s official bracket game. Play is simple:
- Pick the winning team and total number of games for each playoff series.
- Accumulate points for each series winner you pick -- and get a bonus for picking the correct number of games on top of the series winner.
- Point totals for series winners escalate with each round -- the further your teams advance, the more points you win.
- The participant who garners the most points over the course of the Playoffs and Finals could win a trip to see their favorite team in action."

The interface is really nice for this one... and I might even have a chance this year since it's so wide open! I'm ready for the playoffs!! (I believe it requires you to register at, but really, you haven't already?)

I created a league called "Give Me The Rock" if anyone wants to join it... I'm not expecting anything, but I would be interested to see what other people's picks for the playoffs are.

Count it.