Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Maggette out rest of season

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Maggette out rest of season:
"Guard Corey Maggette will miss the season's final five games because of a torn ligament in his left wrist, leaving the Clippers without their leading scorer.

Maggette's wrist was put in a cast Monday for two weeks. He averaged a career-high 22.2 points in 66 games this season. He had planned to sit out last Saturday's game against San Antonio, but decided to play and scored 24 points in a 125-124 double-overtime loss."

Fantasy Impact

Well, that pretty much speaks for itself. It does hurt those people who are trying to hold on to a spot though... that's 100 points that you're going to have to make up if you've got Maggette. Tough situation to be at such a crucial (for some) point in the season.

Count it.

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