Friday, April 15, 2005

Iverson, Wade Ballin Outta Control

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Allen Iverson again is leading Philadelphia upward in the Eastern Conference standings.

Iverson scored 38 points and had 16 assists, helping the Sixers spoil the return of Shaquille O'Neal and overcome a career-high 48 points from Dwyane Wade with a 126-119 overtime win over the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

``It's like a do or die situation,'' Iverson said. ``A loss here or there and we could be out of the playoffs. We understand that. It just says a lot about us.''

Marc Jackson scored 26 and Kyle Korver 20 for the Sixers.

Holy crap! Not that anyone but Iverson and Wade owners care, but 38 and 16 from Iverson and 48, 10, and 6 from Wade! Not to mention 26 from Marc Freakin Jackson and 20 from Kyle Korver (5 three-pointers). Nice game! Not sure about Jackson, but you definitely want to keep those other guys HIGH on your draft list for next year.

Count it.