Friday, February 04, 2005


Stealing the creative juices of the dynamic duo over at Fantasy Basketblog, I'm going to do a comparison of NBA players to characters from one of my favorite shows. No, not Top Model, The Bachelorette, nor even Endurance (although that would be fun)...
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We're going with Alias.

And I'm confident I can say that with a straight face, as opposed to saying something like I watch the OC.

Sidney Bristow = Lebron James: Young. Fresh. Decisive. Dominant. Like Sidney, Lebron is nearly always in the right place at the right time with skills enough to take on all adversaries.

Jack Bristow = Paul Pierce: While you know they'll never bail on you in crunch time, you often have to question their tactics and attitude. You really want to love them, but then they make you realize why they can never be your #1. There's so much good inside such a hard exterior.

Michael Vaughn = Dwyane Wade: The only difference here is one has a pretty straighforward name. Other than that, they're both superstars that everyone has a crush on, they're both young and bull-headed at times, but they rarely say the wrong thing or let their emotions get the best of them. While usually dressed in style, they're not afraid to get down and dirty. They both play superbly as part of a team, and when it comes down to it, everything is secondary to winning (Sidney in Vaughn's case; a championship in Wade's).

Arvin Sloane = Kobe Bryant: Sloane and Kobe are two people who always gets what they want. They're not above, and probably enjoy, playing head games with the people they're competing against (on the court and off). They could conceivably be the greatest of all time, but there's something up there that's steering them the wrong way.

Marcus Dixon = Steve Nash: Both lacking the natural kind of talent possessed by their team members, they still manage to have a huge impact. Natural leaders with fiery tempers who aren't afraid to stand and fight when they have to. Nash and Dixon have had to work hard and have had their fair share of struggles to get where they are, but neither would trade it for anything in the world.

Marshall Flinkman = Shaquille O'Neal: Bear with me here. I realize they couldn't appear to be more opposite, but look at their characteristics: Both are arguable the best at what they do (and if they're not now, they have been in the past), and just about everything they say is meant to illicit a laugh.

Eric Weiss = Tayshaun Prince (or maybe Kyle Korver): He's the sidekick. Obviously not the star, not to the focus of the plot; just hanging around doing what he does until he's needed. And don't get me wrong, he does what he does when he's needed very well. He's just not as easy to sell to an audience as someone like Sidney or Vaughn. No real sex appeal, or stylish moves, or masterful skills. But still solid enough to make it to the big show.

Count it.

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