Wednesday, February 09, 2005

If video games were true to life...

Now that there is a quantifiable glut of Fantasy (and regular) Basketbloggers, what we need is a Meme! A Meme is something that one person posts, and then is easily transferred to another blogger, who changes it to suit them and posts it (remembering, of course, to link back to the blog they got it from).

So, here's my basketball meme. It's called "If video games were true to life..." (I got the idea from Supersonicsoul)

Here you go... If video games were true to life... The Chicago Bulls:
- You wouldn't be allowed to take Chris Duhon out of the starting lineup unless you traded for an All-Star caliber guard.
- The pass button wouldn't work anytime Eddy Curry was double teamed.
- You'd be practically unable to miss with Ben Gordon in the 4th quarter (this wouldn't be too difficult to implement considering it already happens in video games with Kobe Bryant)
- You'd have to decide before each game whether or not you want Kirk Hinrich to shave. Of course, it would be automatically done for you if the growth ever got past "significant stubble."
- Defensive rebounds would be sucked into Tyson Chandler's hands from like 10 feet away making your friends say "What the hell dude!"
- The ball would richochet off of Chandler's hands anytime you passed him the ball in the front court, making you say "What the hell dude!"
- There would be a combo you could pull off while rebounding with Nocioni that would make the other team get a technical foul.
- The game would randomly substitute in Adrian Griffin after the 1st quarter.