Monday, February 28, 2005

Going, going, back back to Cali Cali

Don't worry Baronites, his move from Nawlins to Golden State (which is evidently somewhere in California) has not affected his ability to miss 59% of his shots. If anything, the plane ride and the time zone change have increased his missing effectiveness.

That said, the Baron is still Le Baron... 8 AST, 3 REB, 1-2 FG3's, some TOs, and STLs... you've seen it all before. The only possible reason to worry is that the Warriors mihgt want to rest Davis a littleto ensure that he doesn't jeopardize future seasons -- and with them the dream that the GSW franchise might actually be able to win in that same future. He will of course play enough minutes to be the same effective fantasy baller that made the cover of NBA Street V3. But The State is not exactly in the position (13 games out of a playoff spot) where they're going to play the hell out of him in an attempt (most likely in vain) to get a playoff spot.

Fantasy Impact

Baron, like Jason Kidd, will be a player to file under: upside w/ significant risk next year. He's #14 according to Yahoo, but only 43 (4th round) on BasketballMonster. With offense to Yahoo, I tend to like BM's ratings.

Count it.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Ups and Downs at Fantasy NBA Blog

Over at Fantasy NBA Blog they've constructed a pretty concise evaluation of which players fantasy values have gone up/down/nowhere.

My editorial comments:
JR Smith's value is high, considering he and Dickau are the only healthly players left on the Hornets. Don't forger, though, that Lee Nailon is money. He was playing 31 minutes a game. How does Yahoo have him listed after Rodney Rogers on the depth chart? Rogers was playing 20 minutes. He's got an extra inch and 17 less pounds too. Of course, if Rogers is somehow in the starting lineup, I'll be happy since I picked him up as a Free Agent last week.

I wouldn't consider Mark Blount to have had any major fantasy value as it is... He's still behind LaFrentz on the depth chart and Walker's arrival isn't going to clear any room for him. Also on the topic of no value, Tony Allen is not relevant in all but the deepest leagues. He wasn't cutting it in my 12 team league... is his value going to go up now?

I would say KVH's fantasy value has gone down, not stayed the same. He's already injured and now he'll be doing some serious soul searching (aka minute-searching) in Dallas. Much to my dismay, he's on my team. I knew he'd get injured at some point, but I didn't count on him getting traded to a stacked team like the Mavericks. Especially once Stackhouse and Dampier return. And Marquis Daniels scoring 29 points doesn't help much.

Let's start with the East

We're just gonna go through this on a team-by-team basis... as opposed to trying to sort out any individual trades. In addition, I'm only going to put in bold players' names that you should check for on the FA list, or try to acquire in a trade.

Miami: First of all, it appears that Shaq will be out until next Thursday... just to let him rest a little. By that time, Mourning may have joined the team, and Christian Laettner might even be back from injury. In addition Steve Smith will be stealing time from Shandon Anderson, and Udonis Halsem will be rocking the house at PF (depending on how much time Laettner sees behind him).

Detroit: N/A

Boston: Don't worry, Antoine Walker is still going to score 20 points and get 9 rebounds. Marucs Banks might be worth picking up now that GP is gone.

Cleveland: Jiri Welsch's value goes up a little since he'll fit in a lot better with Cleveland than he did in Boston. The other SG's on the team are going to have to give up some time to fit him in, though, so Sasha and Lucious' values are going down. Not that they were that high to begin with. I had such high hopes for Sasha.

Washington: Hughes has been activated from the IL, so Gilbert's numbers will probably return to the level they were at before Larry went out.

Chicago: N/A
Orlando: N/A
Indiana: N/A

Philly: See here

Milwaukee: Mo Williams and Toni Kukoc (see here) are certainly worth consideration. Reece Gaines will probably take over the role that Mike James was playing. This would make him worth a look in those leagues deep enough that James was worth playing.

New Jersey: Already made their blockbuster trade. I know some people were expecting something here...

Toronto: Another N/A where people were expecting something more.

New York: Oh, my, the PF's and salaries on this team! I seriously don't know what Isaiah is trying to do here... It's a good thing he was such a good player or he'd be out on his ass already. Mike Sweetney is apparently the big winner - according to various sources. The rumor is that he'll get the starting spot and the new guys will back him up. Knickerblogger has been begging for him to get starting minutes all season, so now may be the time.

Charlotte: Picked up Malik Allen who'll be backing up the stellar stunner Melvin Ely. I don't see Ely losing his spot with Allen's arrival. The other starters on the team are unharmed by Allen, but don't really gain anything by Steve Smith's departure.

Atlanta: From best (Miami) to worst (Atlanta) - you've got the Southeast division... Josh Smith and Josh Childress are jumping to the big time now. Get 'em while they're hot! If Payton plays, he'll probably make the Two Skinny J's better, but even if he doesn't, they're now the 2nd and 3rd options on the team, and will be able to take a share of Antoine's 53.2 FGA/game. More shots means more points for everyone! Hooray!

That concludes this portion of our broadcast. If you've got an opinion, or if I've missed something, feel free to leave a comment. They're working now, if you didn't know.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Holy Kizzow!

It just so happens that the trade deadline this year falls on my girlfriend's birthday... This means that analysis of the myriad trades that went down will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, I've got the comments working again, so go ahead and leave a comment wishing her (Val) a Happy Birthday.

Barons and Walkers and Paytons! Oh my!

Count it.

Some Summarization

"C-Webb...Value will stay the same for the most part.
I can see his assists going down a little and his scoring and rebounding going up a little.

Iverson...Value goes down a little.
Bottom line, the ball will not be in his hands as much which means less points and less assists. He is still a stud and will pt up great numbers. I project 25ppg & 6apg

Korver...Value goes down
They added Rodney Rogers and Matt Bonner as well as C-Webb. Rogers and Bonner play the sf and could grab just a few of his minutes and with C-Webb he is gonna lose a couple shots.

Peja...Value goes up.
Last season without CWebb he put up an MVP season, he should come close to that again.

Brad Miller...Value goes up.
Only low post scorer in Sac-Town now, look spcially for his rebounds to go up.

Kenny Thomas...Value stays about the same
I beleive he will start in Sac and be close to a double-double guy.

Jiri Welch...Value goes up.
He might step into the starting line up in Cleveland or be the 6th man, either way he will get more minutes and shots than he was getting in Boston.

Lebron James...Value stays the same,
If you have watched the Cavs lately James is starting to wear down JUST A LITTLE. I can see Silas trying to cut his minutes back a tad bit heading into the playoffs and aquiring Jiri makes that a little easier for him. James will still put up 20 with 5 & 5 at least.

Mike James...Value goes down
He may or may not start in HOU but bottom line he will be the 5th option on offense at all times pretty much. He might get some extra spot up 3's, but no longer is gonna be the one making plays happen.

Mo Williams...Value goes Way Up
He is the only point guard in Milwakee and he should see his minutes close to about 35 a night. We'll see how he responds but i think he will do pretty good.

Kukoc...Value goes up.
All he needed was anyone to get traded and to step into the roation. He was already looking better the past couple weeks and now with James gone he should get 5-8 more minutes. All Kukoc needs is 25 minutes a night to put up 10 5 & 5.

Sura, Wesley, Jon Barry...Value goes down
With the addition of Mike James, they each lose a little bit of playing time."

Don't sweat the small stuff

Fantasy NBA Blog has analysis of the Jiri Welsch and Mike James trades.

Dropping Webber like he's hot

Drop the Dime (aka Drop It Like It's Hot) analyzes the Webber trade.

Here's what I have to add: The trade is obviously going to hurt Iverson's output. Those guys the 76ers traded were not putting up Webber numbers. Combined. Okay, maybe all together they equalled one Webber. That said... I think Webber and AI could run a pretty sweet pick'n'roll. I think that would lead to a better FG% for AI. Just having Webber around will (or at least should) give AI more open looks, leading to a higher FG%. And we all know Webber can hit the 15-footer - perfect for the PnR.

For the Kings: the value of all of their starters is pretty much the same. No one in that trade is going to take anything away from them. Those guys are not going to make up the kind of production that Webber had. Kenny Thomas will probably start at PF, and Songaila will continue to be the backup. Of course, Thomas hasn't been playing "Webber" minutes, so Songaila might get a little extra time at the 4. Probably not enough to make him fantasy-worthy, though. Wow. In the time I've been writing this, Yahoo removed C-Webb from PF on the Kings depth chart, and replaced him with KT. So, there you have it. Also, who has that job? And how do I get it?

Brian Skinner becomes the new backup C, but he's not going to take more than the 10 minutes that Brad MillerTime has already been giving up. If anything, Miller's minutes will go up. And of course, as DtD says, he is usually Ballin Outta Control when Webber is not around. Expect much BOC from "The High Life." (That's his new nickname, okay?)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Damp is all wet

So, Erick Dampier (I've been meaning to reference myself more often) is out for 2-3 weeks and I know the question on everyone's mind is: Who should I pick up to take advantage of this tradgedy?

Answer: ...Um, Rick Brunson?

Honestly, if there is one of the "good" Mavericks left as a free agent in your league, you probably should have picked them up before this happened anyway.

In Dampier's abscence, Alan Henderson (he's still playing?), Calvin Booth (who is not Danny Fortson), and Shawn Bradley all got more minutes. Three-headed (or three-bodied?) centers are not so good for the ol' fantasy value... what can I say?

The question you need to ask yourself now is: Do I need a C who can give me about 10/10 with about 1 BLK? If the answer is in the affirmative, consider trying to squeeze in a trade before your league's deadline and see if you can get Damp on the cheap.

Also, does anyone have input on there is a trade deadline? Just in general, y'know. I'm sure there's a logical reason. I just can't think of what it would be.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Statcounter Mailbag (It's like a mailbag without any mail!)

I was just looking over my stat logs (as us narcissists are apt to do) and noticed that someone got here by searching for Shaun Livingston Girlfriend. In an effort to help that person out, does anyone happen to know if Shaun Livingston has a girlfriend? If not, is he looking? Cause someone is looking for a little fraily fro action.

Also, someone was looking for O-rank Rank fantasy difference. Far as I can tell (in Yahoo) Rank is calculated using season (or month or week) statistics plugged into Yahoo's crazy ass formula that gives way too much weight to good FT and FG3 shooters.

O-Rank is something that Yahoo made up in an attempt to tell you whether or not someone is going to be good this year based on the past few years, and presumably takes into account this years cumulative stats. I wouldn't lean to heavily on this ranking unless you are what 133t f4nt45y b4113rz would call a n00b. Then you can use it so you don't get pwn3d. After half a season, though, I would think that most fantasy managers would have their b34r1ng5 enough to not need to look at historical d4t4 to figure out if they want sum1 (in a trade, or as a FA).

Sticking to your guns

With trade deadlines approaching in fantasy leagues and the NBA, you might tempted to try to make some last minute deals. Or perhaps, as in my case, everyone else in your league is trying to get you take what's behind door #2...

It's time to stick to your guns. For the H2H folks out there, if you've been winning categories, stick with it. It may be tempting to give up someone who's good in a category you've been consistently winning for help somewhere that you're not so strong. I won't go as far as to tell you break out the spreadsheet, but I will do it myself. I'll also check out to make sure I know what I'm giving and/or getting. Make sure that the help you gain is greater than the help you lose.

Another thing I like to do - for you spreadsheet heads - is to figure the league average per week (we're talking H2H here, but it could apply to roto as well) in each category, and then break out my average in each category. This is an easy way to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to determine whether or not you have any kind of hope in your weak categories. If hope is not on the horizon, then my trading deadline advice is to get rid of players who are contributing a lot to categories you aren't winning, and in return, secure players who can bolster categories in which you may be a little bit middling. (I'm quite positive that's a word)

For the rotoheads (aka propellerheads?) out there, now is a still a good time to assess where you're weak and where you're strong. Figure out if any of the leads you (hopefully) have in a category or two are strong enough that they'll hold even if you trade away a top player in one of them. You can use that spread sheet with the weekly averages to help you with the math.

If you feel your team (in any kind of league) can hold its own for the rest of the season, then there is no reason to force yourself to look for trades, or at trades. The trading deadline is kind of like the beginning of the season where everybody tries to fix problems they think they have by getting you to fix something you don't even know is broken. At this point, though, you probably know what's broken; and if it needs fixing, then by all means, fix it. But if it ain't broke... then please, just don't... Remember, just because a trade is proposed, doesn't mean it has to be accepted. Even if it's your best friend. Especially if it's your best friend. You have a right to say no.

Friday, February 18, 2005

If you're bored this weekend...

If you're bored this weekend, you can not only sign this petition (brought to you by the Masters of the Klondike), you can enter the Give Me The Rock All-Star Game Contest.

Meanwhile... you can relax and dream up some trades that will (help you bail out your team in the second half of the year || help you stay on top of the league you are utterly dominating).

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Disregard my previous Shaun Livingston Post

It truly isn't Shaun Livingston's year. The Clippers rookie guard will be sidelined until at least the middle of March after an MRI revealed torn cartilage in his right shoulder, an injury he suffered while making a steal Tuesday night's game, Los Angeles Times reporting. He had just returned to the lineup Sunday after sitting out 39 games because of a dislocated right kneecap.

Fantasy Impact

Well, if you picked him (and dropped Rick Brunson, like I did), click Undo until you see that Shaun is back on the FA list... Or else wait until Sunday to see if he gets on the IL. If he hasn't made it by then, drop him and find someone else for Tuesday.

I apologize if you acted on my advice... I'm starting to get worried that Livingston is more fragile than Marcus Camby, and he hasn't made it through his rookie season...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

McHale, Minnesota and Minutes

I was looking at ranking on yesterday in an attempt to identify any anomolies that would allow for arbitrage opportunities fantasy basketball style.

Well, it was a successful attempt my friends... sort of. While it may not directly impact fantasy basketball owners, the results of my determined efforts should yield a couple actions items for a one Kevin McHale.

These three players on the Minnesota Timberwolves have the highest rankings per minute according to (Here's a hint... they're right down there...)

Wha are Kevin Garnett (obviously), Fred Hoiberg, and Eddie Griffin?

Now, of course, the caveat is that ranks people according to the fantasy performance... but since when are the best fantasy players not the best players in general? With few exceptions, rarely ever. Those three have positive ratings (0.49, 035, 0.18, respectively) and everyone else on the team is in the red.

So, Mr. McHale... if I may suggest... make those itchy-trigger-finger fantasy owners who snapped up Griffin (and possibly Hoiberg) happy and play them more! Here's your new lineup:

PG - Sam Cassell
SG - Freddy Hoidbergto
SF - Wally Cab
PF - Eddie "Stone" Griffin
C - Kevin "The Original Man-Child" Garnett

Yes, it's time Kevin Garnett grows up and learns to accept that he's a Center. 6-11 my left ass cheek. Dude is at least 7-1. Yes, I realize this would throw the world of fantasy basketball into a type of entropy from which it may never recover, but seriously, how much longer are we going to let KG stay at F. Griffin is 6-10... so, you can let him guard the other team's Centers, and that's okay because Garnett has enough trouble doing every thing else on the team.

And if you need an offensive coordinator, my services are available. I could run that team in my sleep.

Warriors send "Uncle Cliffy" Robinson to Nets - NBA - Sources: Warriors' Robinson headed to Nets:
"The New Jersey Nets will acquire Clifford Robinson from Golden State later Monday in exchange for two future second-round picks and a Nets trade exception worth roughly $5 million, according to league sources."

Fantasy Impact

The implications for the Nets are pretty obvious. Breakout "star" Krstic will be relegated to a back-up role at C. Jabari Smith (not that he's actually a fantasy consideration) will drop to absolute zero on the fantasy scale (I'm measuring that in Kelvin). Jason Collins will probably see a little less time since Cliff can certainly play PF and help rest him. Brian Scalabrine will likely be a non-factor when he returns.

Meanwhile, Cliff will likely maintain his value... so if 1 FG3, steal and block/game is what you need, he can do it for you at C and F. He's a pretty bad FG and FT shooter, though... 1.8 assists is above average for a forward, but 2.7 rebounds is about half what you'd get from that same average forward. His scoring is also below average. I can't make the decision for you, but I've made it for myself, if you know what I mean...

On the other side are the Warriors - a little more tricky. The draft picks are an intriguing product, but of no consequence this season... What is of consequence is the lack of players acquired to fill up UC's 26 mpg. Does that mean to run out and pick up Adonal Foyle? No. In reality, it merely clears the way for Troy Murphy to return after the All-Star Break and immediately fill up those 26 minutes. Troy's been playing about 35 this season, though... so that still means someone will suffer despite getting rid of Cliff.

If the Warriors have gone "small ball" (can anyone confirm this? It's not like I get to see a lot of Golden State games in Illinois) ... then Murphy's return will likely hurt Foyle who is currently at the 5. And after looking at the Warriors roster, I wouldn't want any of them on my team unless I was playing in a 30 team league (much like the "real" NBA).

So, what it really comes down to is, the Warriors get 2 picks, and obfuscate the return of Troy Murphy by shipping out "Don't Call Me Uncle" Cliffy, the O.J. (Original Jailblazer).

Count it.

Get him before he's hot: Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston is poised to take over the Clippers. I don't believe that is an overstatement. He's got people to pass to, and those same players will draw double teams to get him open. Also, he's a 6-7 point guard. If you need a point guard, pick him up now.

Marko Jaric is not only injured, but not a PG. He should be playing SG along side Livingston when/if he eventually returns to form. Add to the passing and scoring nearly an assist and a block per game, and you've got a damn fine point guard. He's third in the league in blocks for players who can man the PG position. The two ahead of him include such notables as Dwyane Wade and Lebron James.

Also, he's from Illinois.

If you don't take him this year, at least make sure to appropriately hype him up (quietly, to yourself) before you draft your team next year.

Also, he's got a fro. A huge fro.

Count it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Shep C's Weekly Top 10 (2.14.05)

A. Iverson (Phi - G,PG,SG)
V. Carter (NJ - GF)
G. Arenas (Was - PG)
J. Kidd (NJ - PG)
J. Richardson (GS - SG)
D. Nowitzki (Dal - FC,PF)
M. James (Mil - PG)
C. Billups (Det - PG)
A. Kirilenko (Uta - F,PF)
S. Jackson (Ind - GF)

This week's least features nothing too out of the ordinary. Mike James, as you can see, is BOC. I think maybe Yahoo places too much emphasis on percentages. Those are good, and 4.3 FG3's is awesome, but the rest of the numbers are, well... I'd still rather have Kirilenko on my team last week. Stephen Jackson shows that without Ron Artest around he can play some ball.

In other news, Blogger has updated their comments so that anyone can post comments. So, now I've got to figure out how to switch back from Haloscan to Blogger's system. I've updated my template, but it doesn't appear to be working. Do any other Blogger users have input on this?

Blogger's comment posting interface is pretty sweet, now, so I want to make use of it. Of course, this also means that the RSS feed for comments will no longer work. If you'd like to recieve comments via email (don't worry - there aren't many), let me know and I can set up an email list. That's one thing that RSS is still missing... comment notification...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pick-up Of The Week: Toni Kukoc

With Keith Van Horn playing the fallen angel, and Marcus Fizer in IL purgatory, Kukoc has strapped on some wings and returned from obscurity with this flight of fancy in his last 5 games:

24 min - 44 FG% - 86 FT% - 0.4 FG3 - 7.6 pts - 5.6 reb - 5.2 ast - 0.8 stl - 1.0 blk - 1.4 TO

Rebounding slightly above the league average for forwards is all well and good, but 5.2 assists from someone who can play PF? You'd have to have Garnett or Webber on your team to come close to that. Granted both of them score and rebound a lot more... they're also not available on the waiver wire, are they? Add in those numbers from the end the stat line, and you've got yourself a genuine poor man's Brad Miller.

Until Van Horn proves he's ready to contribute, Kukoc will be a solid backup forward. He's playing about 80 times better than Fizer had been, so if the Bucks are smart (are they?), they'll keep Kukoc ahead of him on the depth chart.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Nightline is just wrapping up... Thanks George Stepanopolous... I was only half watching the report on Kristo's gates in Central Park. The other half of my mind? Fantasy Basketball, of course.


Damon Jones: 6 FG3s for 22 PTS, 72 FG%, and 8 AST, 1 TOV. Not bad. There's room on the wagon.

Nene: 17 PTS, 8 REB, 50 FG%, 90 FT%, and even 4 AST. On.

Godzylla: 33 FG%, 0 FT%, 2 PTS, 6 REB, 1 AST, 2 BLK... Off? Might be time... Keep an eye on it. I'm sure we all knew that Joel Przy couldn't keep it up forever. Now... when is Damon going to come back down?

Let's see... Damon: 29 FG%, 100 FT%, 3 FG3, 16 PTS, 8 REB, 2 AST, 1 STL, 7 TOV... Perhaps he and Joel were on the same cloud...

Raef LaFrentz: 42 FG%, 100 FT%, 3 FG3, 15 PTS, 14 REB, 3 AST, 1 BLK, 0 TOV. ON. LaFrentz has been BOC (at least for him) this season.

With how much time left?

Vince Carter: 58 FG%, 91 FT%, 5 FG3, 43 PTS, 4 REB, 3 AST, 2 STL, 1 BLK, 2 TOV. Ejected with like 9 minutes remaining. Too bad. Looks like he was headed for Studio 54.

Mourning in (with) Heat?

Sorry, I couldn't pass up that post title. (I also considered: Raptors in Mourning? ... but it wasn't quite as good.)

Anyway, as I'm sure you're well aware (as a self-respecting fantasy manager, I would hope you'd have heard) ... Alonzo Mourning has reached a buyout agreement with the Raptors making him a free agent on Tuesday. I've already picked him up. I wouldn't advise you to do the same unless you've been out looking for a third center (which I actually was, seeing as how my "centers" currently consist of Mehmet Okur and Chris Bosh).

Old School

Here's what the have Heat done in the last 5 games with 96 minutes available at C and PF. Shaq: 36; Haslem: 39, Doleac: 18; ZhiZhi Wang played 7 minutes (that's a total of 7 minutes)

That leaves 3 minutes/game available for Mourning, right? Technically yes... but seriously, if you had Shaq on your team and magically got another center capable of playing 20 minutes/game, would you continue to play Shaq for 36 minutes each game? I highly doubt it. More importantly, would you still play Mr. D for 18 minutes a game?

I can understand why The Other Van Gundy is hesitant to put Doleac in for more than 18 minutes a night, but Mourning? Pssssh. Might as well hand him those 18 minutes right now.

The New Math

3 free + 8 from Doleac + 5 from Haslem + 6 from Shaq = 22. That's plenty of time for Mourning to grab 7 rebounds (according to Dean Oliver's rule of a rebound every 3 minutes for a big man who doesn't want to get run out of the league), and probably even score 10 points with Wade out there to set him up. I don't want to get too overoptimistic here... but the dude hasn't had less than 2 blocks/game with the exception of his 2003 "season" with the Nets where he still blocked 0.5 shots in 18 minutes with 1 kidney. He's a good FG shooter, and a decent FT shooter for a big man. He turns the ball over quite a bit, but perhaps with the new school Miami team around him, he can avoid that pitfall.

Adding It Up

If you're looking for a good 3rd center, Mourning is your guy. He's the best you'll find on the waiver wire. At least in my league he was. If you're counting on Shaq to carry you through the season, you also might want to consider picking up Mourning. If you're a Haslem owner, I wouldn't be signing any pink slips. He'll be just fine. In fact, if you didn't get your hopes up too much that he would keep playing like he has been the past 5 games, you'll be just fine. But don't expect anything more with a healthy Mourning around. I say healthy, because, to be fully truthful in my disclosure, he is a bit of a risk. But he won't be as much of a dissappointment as Karl "#2 in everything" Malone. I'm sure there are some owners who hung onto Mourning for a month (he was on the IL, easing some of the burden). Those folks should be handsomely rewarded. And by handsomely, I mean because Mourning is a good-looking guy.

Count it.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Reminderizer

In case you'd forgotten, I'll be your PDA...

Fantasy Basketball Meetup - There's currently only 1... in Chicago... So if you live in Chicago - join up! If not, use that entrepreneurial drive to do something that doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and won't make your family resent you. It's free, and it's only one night a month! Regulators... Meet up!

The All-Star Game Contest - Still taking entries up until tip-off. So far, we've got 2 registered participants. Need I remind you that even the grotesquely unattractive wannabes from that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model search show could win this contest? Even if you haven't looked at the All-Star rosters, you could probably just put down the name of any basketball player you've heard of and have a pretty good chance. Your girlfriend can play too... just tell her to pick whoever she thinks is the cutest. *cough*GilbertArenas*cough* And if you do indeed lose, you can continue to comment on this site without fear of violent retribution or litiginous scorn. As my pal Starsky would say, "DO it!"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

If video games were true to life...

Now that there is a quantifiable glut of Fantasy (and regular) Basketbloggers, what we need is a Meme! A Meme is something that one person posts, and then is easily transferred to another blogger, who changes it to suit them and posts it (remembering, of course, to link back to the blog they got it from).

So, here's my basketball meme. It's called "If video games were true to life..." (I got the idea from Supersonicsoul)

Here you go... If video games were true to life... The Chicago Bulls:
- You wouldn't be allowed to take Chris Duhon out of the starting lineup unless you traded for an All-Star caliber guard.
- The pass button wouldn't work anytime Eddy Curry was double teamed.
- You'd be practically unable to miss with Ben Gordon in the 4th quarter (this wouldn't be too difficult to implement considering it already happens in video games with Kobe Bryant)
- You'd have to decide before each game whether or not you want Kirk Hinrich to shave. Of course, it would be automatically done for you if the growth ever got past "significant stubble."
- Defensive rebounds would be sucked into Tyson Chandler's hands from like 10 feet away making your friends say "What the hell dude!"
- The ball would richochet off of Chandler's hands anytime you passed him the ball in the front court, making you say "What the hell dude!"
- There would be a combo you could pull off while rebounding with Nocioni that would make the other team get a technical foul.
- The game would randomly substitute in Adrian Griffin after the 1st quarter.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Walter McCarty heads West

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Walter McCarty: "The Suns addressed their bench strength Tuesday by acquiring McCarty from the Celtics. Boston gets a conditional second-round pick in the deal."

Fantasy Impact

Walter is a pretty terrible shooter, and though he made 1.8 FG3's last season, that was his career high. 4.8 of his 6.8 shots/game were threes. He's only about a 70% FT shooter, and while he'll certainly get more than the 12.6 mpg he's had this season... I wouldn't expect more than the 8 points, 3 rebs, and 1.6 assists he had last season.

If you're in a deep league, in need of 3's, and can handle a 40% shooter, you could consider McCarty. You'd probably do just as well picking up someone like Derek Anderson or Austin Croshere. And those two won't hurt your FT% as much as McCarty.

In Other News: The news of this trade actually showed up in BlogLines first from the Celtics Blog ... before it even got to Yahoo NBA News. Hooray for the Blogosphere!

Golden State Smallballers - Message Board: "Imagine this for a starting lineup:

PG Speedy Claxton
SG Derek Fisher
SF Jason Richardson
PF Mike Dunleavy
C Troy Murphy"

LeapingShark needs to start his own fantasy basketblog... He's got a lot of good ideas. I like to take them, but I will make no claim to them as my own.

Here, we're talking about the Warriors, obviously. They've gone to a smaller lineup against even the Heat, putting only a C in to guard Shaq with the rest of the lineup as you see above.

Coach Mike Montgomery has said that he would consider using this lineup even when Troy Murphy returns from his injury (hench the lineup as quoted).

Fantasy Impact

Obviously Fisher has been a valuable pick-up when Claxton is out. This change would allow him to continue his hot streak and starter's minutes, while not hurting the production of the other Warriors (except the centers, who aren't anything I'd be looking to pick up anyway).

Also, if Murphy does get to start at Center, it could only be a matter of games before he becomes a FC (at least in Yahoo). This would certainly make him more valuable since his scoring and rebounding are good for a forward, but would be much higher up on the totem pole at C. Of course, his blocks suck for a Center, but he's also a center who would give you nearly 1 FG3/game, and shoot 74% from the free throw line. That's a good thing.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Baby Al to the IL, please

"The Atlanta Hawks placed forward Al Harrington on injured reserve Monday and activated Kenny Anderson.

Harrington, averaging 17.1 points a game, has been bothered by tendinitis in his right knee. He led the Hawks with 26 points in his last game Saturday night against Indiana but was placed on the injured reserve list after an MRI on Monday."

Fantasy Impact

Josh Childress has been starting in place of the injured high-flyer Josh Smith... but perhaps he'll see a few more looks with Harrington out. Also, expect Antoine Walker to attempt to pick up the slack by attempting more shots. He's never one to shy away from temptation.

Shep C's Weekly Top 10

O-RankWeek Rank
C. Webber (Sac - PF)
J. Kidd (NJ - PG)
M. Bibby (Sac - PG)
M. Ginobili (SA - SG)
A. Kirilenko (Uta - F,PF)
V. Carter (NJ - GF)
T. McGrady (Hou - GF,SG)
D. Nowitzki (Dal - FC,PF)
B. Miller (Sac - C,FC)
D. Stoudamire (Por - PG)

Damon and Kidd helped their respective cases by making all of their foul shots this week. That surely doesn't hurt. Damon continues his streak of playing more than 100 spots above his O-Rank, but is sliding ever closer to falling off the edge of the Top 10.

A lot of different people stepping it up this week, but the usual suspects are there as well. Better candidate for Kaiser Soze: T-Mac or Dirk? Brad Miller and Vinsanity are not suprises, especially with Webber out and Carter's 41 point game. Kirilenko will probably remain in the top 10 now that he's operating at full efficiency.

Don't forget about the All-Star Game Contest! I've got one entry so far, and 50 Gmail invites to give away. You could just pick one of the guys listed above and have a pretty good chance of winning without even going to another site.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Week That Was (2.6.05)

Here's what I'm thinking this week... (if you're playing Rotisserie, then the parts about the playoffs probably don't apply)

Paul Pierce: 47 FG% - 86 FT% - 4 FG3 - 100 PTS - 22 REB - 20 AST - 10 STL - 1 BLK - 8 TOV.

If you're near the top of the league and confident about making the playoffs, I said earlier this week that now is a good time to trade Pierce. His Celtics play only 3 games in each of the first two weeks of the playoffs and 6 games (about average) in the last two weeks of the season. Trading him for 1 or 2 players on Teams like Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Washington, Denver, or Memphis might be a good thing to think about. Especially consider those teams that will be vying for a playoff spot in those last few weeks (CHI, CLE, maybe NY, WAS, DEN, MEM).

If, on the other hand, you're still struggling to make it to the playoffs, do I said before and ride Pierce. He's shown signs this week of stepping up to the level he played at last year, and if he gets snubbed in a bid for the All-Star Game, then he may play even harder. I am in 8th right now, so I'll be going with the second option.

Brad Miller: 54 FG% - 80 FT% - 1 FG3 - 95 PTS - 40 REB - 18 AST - 8 STL - 6 BLK - 9 TOV.

Miller is another player to ride into the playoffs if you're currently still in the hunt. Webber is pretty much D2D for the rest of the year (probably), and Miller is a prime candidate to put up big numbers whenever C-Webb sits. However, like Pierce, Sacremento's fantasy playoff schedule sucks. The Kings play 4, 3, 2 and 2 over the last 4 weeks (the last 2 weeks are usually combined into a 2 week final - so if you're going for first place, this is especially important). No other team plays less than 5 games over that same 2 week span, and the ones I mentioned above in the Paul Pierce section all play 4, 4, and 6 during fantasy playoff time. You never know when trading someone like Miller could get you the extra game or two you need to beat someone in the playoffs.

Amare Stoudemire: 54 FG% - 85 FT% - 0 FG3 - 77 PTS - 41 REB - 4 AST - 1 STL - 1 BLK - 5 TOV.

While the 5 TOV is low... it's not that low for someone who handles the ball as little as the Man Child does. What's really interesting here, though, is the 1 steal and 1 block... While it's not anything to worry too much about since Stoudemire is still helping you to win 4 other categories, it's surprising to see him go 2 games without one of the either and a 3rd game with only 1 of each. I'm not downing the guy, because he's still quite amazing, but just something to notice when you're looking for possible holes in your team.

Theo Ratliff: 43 FG% - 87.5 FT% - 0 FG3 - 25 PTS - 24 REB - 3 AST - 3 STL - 13 BLK - 3 TOV.

The Blockinator is back. Averaging 4 blocks over the last 5 games is something we know Theo is certainly capable of, and it's nice to see that he's returned to his homeland. Now, he won't give you numbers like someone else in the NW part of the league (look near the bottom), but when it looks like he's actually trying to help you by making some free throws, he's definitely a worthy addition to H2H and Roto teams alike.

Stephen Jackson: 36 FG% - 79 FT% - 5 FG3 - 48 PTS - 12 REB - 3 AST - 1 STL - 1 BLK - 3 TOV.

The return of the, wait, uhn-uhn, he didn't just do what I think he did, did he? Hopefully the guy can keep his damn trap shut for long enough to get his shooting touch back. The numbers from this week don't accurately describe what the man can give fantasy owners willing to take on a bad attitude. They're not great numbers, but enough to fill in some holes. I'm sure those owners who gambled on buying him low earlier in the season are happy enough with his output now. The only bad thing about 2.3 FG3s per game is the 36% from the floor. Time to pick your battles, and decide where you can win.

Caron Butler: He's still playing as I write this, but what's more important than his stats is the fact that he's been the one to step up in Kobe's abscence. I'm sure Vegas (or at least one of those online betting places) had odds on who would be the Laker to pick up when Kobe went down. I went with Jermaine Jones since everyone else was already taken. The correct answer was Butler. If he's still available out there, I'd go for it. He's good for at least one more week, and possibly longer depending on how long the Lakers think they can stay in the playoff race without Kobe.

Your Chicago Bulls!: I'm not sure if Skiles is going to figure it out... While there appeared to be 4 or 5 legitimate fantasy players on this team before the season, the only one dependable enough to have on your team has been Captain Kirk. He always seems to be able to at least give a little something. That's more than can be said for the other guys. Curry still can't rebound, but Chandler can. Gordon can score 2 points/minute and still not get more playing time. Nocioni and/or Deng can score 17 one night and 4 the next. Unless one is filling up a niche on your team (like Chandler in rebounds, or Gordon in points and threes), I'd be trying hard to trade them for someone more consistent, even if their average numbers a little less (not so much in Roto, but certainly in H2H). The numbers will be there in the long run for Roto players, but if you want to win in H2H, you're better off with someone consistent. [This hasn't been scientifically proven, so you're free to disagree; but it's frustrating trying to decide whether to play Deng or Brian Cook or Juwan Howard, all of whom prove to be consistently inconsistent]

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Don't Forget the All-Star Game Contest

Remember, all you have to do is leave a comment here with your vote (or just who you think is going to win) for the All-Star MVP. Now that the starters have been announced, it should be pretty easy, right?

The prize is a Gmail invite or $1. You choose.

Give Me The Rock does not condone the killing of cattle

In other news, we ain't got no beef.

Fantasy basketball has been a rapidly expanding subject in the so-called blogosphere. To address this issue, I feel I must point out all the other wonderful (and I don't mean that sarcastically) fantasy basketblogs that have been started during this wondrous - and at times troubling - season.

Fantasy Basketblog
Easy Marksman
Drop the Dime
Fantasy NBA Blog

All of these are worth reading, and they also all provide RSS feeds (thank you Blogspot), for which I applaud them heartily.

PS: DtD - I'm working on a reply to your email. I've been busy with "real world" work...

Friday, February 04, 2005


Stealing the creative juices of the dynamic duo over at Fantasy Basketblog, I'm going to do a comparison of NBA players to characters from one of my favorite shows. No, not Top Model, The Bachelorette, nor even Endurance (although that would be fun)...
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

We're going with Alias.

And I'm confident I can say that with a straight face, as opposed to saying something like I watch the OC.

Sidney Bristow = Lebron James: Young. Fresh. Decisive. Dominant. Like Sidney, Lebron is nearly always in the right place at the right time with skills enough to take on all adversaries.

Jack Bristow = Paul Pierce: While you know they'll never bail on you in crunch time, you often have to question their tactics and attitude. You really want to love them, but then they make you realize why they can never be your #1. There's so much good inside such a hard exterior.

Michael Vaughn = Dwyane Wade: The only difference here is one has a pretty straighforward name. Other than that, they're both superstars that everyone has a crush on, they're both young and bull-headed at times, but they rarely say the wrong thing or let their emotions get the best of them. While usually dressed in style, they're not afraid to get down and dirty. They both play superbly as part of a team, and when it comes down to it, everything is secondary to winning (Sidney in Vaughn's case; a championship in Wade's).

Arvin Sloane = Kobe Bryant: Sloane and Kobe are two people who always gets what they want. They're not above, and probably enjoy, playing head games with the people they're competing against (on the court and off). They could conceivably be the greatest of all time, but there's something up there that's steering them the wrong way.

Marcus Dixon = Steve Nash: Both lacking the natural kind of talent possessed by their team members, they still manage to have a huge impact. Natural leaders with fiery tempers who aren't afraid to stand and fight when they have to. Nash and Dixon have had to work hard and have had their fair share of struggles to get where they are, but neither would trade it for anything in the world.

Marshall Flinkman = Shaquille O'Neal: Bear with me here. I realize they couldn't appear to be more opposite, but look at their characteristics: Both are arguable the best at what they do (and if they're not now, they have been in the past), and just about everything they say is meant to illicit a laugh.

Eric Weiss = Tayshaun Prince (or maybe Kyle Korver): He's the sidekick. Obviously not the star, not to the focus of the plot; just hanging around doing what he does until he's needed. And don't get me wrong, he does what he does when he's needed very well. He's just not as easy to sell to an audience as someone like Sidney or Vaughn. No real sex appeal, or stylish moves, or masterful skills. But still solid enough to make it to the big show.

Count it.

And don't forget to enter the All-Star Game Contest!

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Central Starr (2.3.05)

Didn't I mention that Shane Battier would be $$$ with all those other Grizzlies up in their street clothes?

His line through 3 quarters against the Clippers:
83 FG% / 50 FT% / 2 FG3 / 13 PTS / 4 REB / 4 AST / 2 STL / 0 TOV

Count it.

Pierce drops the triple deuce

Pierce notched the fifth triple double of his NBA career in Wednesday's victory over the New Jersey Nets, scoring 28 points, dishing out 10 assists and grabbing 10 rebounds in 30 minutes of action. The Celtics' guard nailed nine of his 15 field-goal attempts and went 10 of 12 from the free-throw line. He also added four steals and a blocked shot.

This was after Ricky "The New Fro" Davis left the game... Flu? Sprained something? Yeah, something like that. He could do Pierce owners a favor and just not play anymore. I'm cool with that.

Fantasy Impact

The 3x2 only gave Pierce 44 fantasy points even on AOL. Bogus. But it is possibly a sign that he's ready to start stepping his game up to the level that people were expecting of him this year. Hopefully (or not, depending on your POV) he'll keep dropping dimes like last night while continuing to rebound and score. It's important to remember, though, that the Celtics play less games than anyone else in the critical "playoff weeks" for most H2H leagues. If you're in a position to make the playoffs already, now might be a good time to trade Pierce while his value appears to be rising (it may be merely a mirage). If you're still trying to make the playoffs, though, I'd ride him for a while longer.

You know you've made it when...

Yahoo's search results for "Rock Star Shep" (without the quotes even!) list you as #3. How awesome is that? It's pretty awesome. It'd be even more awesomer is they had it listed as instead of gmtr... But at least that page is cached so nobody's getting the 404.

"You can't be me, I'm a rock star. Rhyming on the top of a cop car."
- N.E.R.D.

Count it.

UPDATE: Somehow I just moved up to #2. Thank you, Yahoo!

Jason Williams NOT injured

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Jason Williams: "Backup point guard Earl Watson will be sidelined indefinitely with a separated right shoulder, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Team doctors said the injury could take up to three weeks to heal, but Watson is hoping to return in a week.

Views: The Grizzlies are all banged up, with injuries to Watson, Pau Gasol, James Posey, Bonzi Wells, and Mike Miller. With Earl out, expect Jason Williams to see more minutes than usual. He logged a season-high 37 minutes on Tuesday night and recorded 19 points and eight assists."

Obviously bad news for any owners with those injured guys... but because of all those injuries, J-Will, Battier, and even Stromile Swift (a little) are ballin' outta control (BOC).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All-Star Game Contest

Are you read for some All-Star action? Probably not. Since it's still more than 2 weeks away... I mean, the only thing that happens in the All-Star game is players get injured right?

Not Any More!

I'm having an All-Star Game contest in order to make this event more entertaining for fantasy basketball managers. Since the starters will be announced tomorrow, I wanted to give everyone ample time to prepare. You'll need it!

Usually I'm a fan of contests which are really more like games involving complex formulas and requiring a FAN-tastic amount of interaction (hence my love for fantasy basketball). This one (being the first for this site) will be incomprehensibly simple. Even a coked-out Tara Reid with half a dress on could figure this one out.

All you have to do is pick who you think will be the MVP of the All-Star game. It'll probably be one of the starters, so you have like a 1 in 10 chance of winning this contest. Of course, so does everyone else... so the prize can't really be that great. Yeah, sorry about that.

Official Rules

Entry: Just leave a comment on this post sometime between NOW! and the beginning of the All-Star Game indicating which player you think will be hoisting the MVP trophy in Denver on Sunday night (Feb. 20th). Please make it clear which prize (see below) you would like to recieve should you win, as well as the email to which you would like your prize delivered.

Prizes: You will have your choice of a Gmail account invitation (I hope I have enough!) or $1 via PayPal (requires a valid PayPal account). I know it's not much, but considering I get like 100 people a day here, if every one of them guessed the right guy, I could be out a big chunk of change.

The 90-footer

Giving hope to all last-second chuckers (or perhaps incentive for those who don't want to hurt their stats) ... this guy make a 3-pointer at the buzzer off a missed free throw... the other team was shooting the free throw. If that link doesn't work, try this one.

To give everyone credit... I first saw it HERE, but also posted on BlazerTalk.

Now... something to think about... what if the NBA expanded from the 3-point shot, to additional point values (kind of like MTV) ... like, half-court to the other guy's 3-point line would give you 4 or even 5 points, and shooting from inside the other team's 3-point line would be worth 7 points. i wonder if you'd start seeing people with football like arms getting into the NBA. It'd give new meaning to full-court press.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sprained Ankle Virus going around NBA

How many more player will be affected before the league recognizes this illness needs to be treated?

Perhaps Paul Pierce could do a PSA... I hear he's big on the ankle taping.

The list so far (please feel free to comment if I'm missing anyone):
Kobe Bryant
Lebron James
Chris Webber
Al Jefferson
Emeka Okafor
Marcus Camby (recovered... for now)
Jamal Tinsley
Jeff McInnis (Sprained Foot)
Steve Blake
Brevin Knight (recovered)
Anfernee Hardaway (recovered)
Rasho Nesterovic
Josh Smith
Anthony Johnson
Rodney Buford
Andre Emmett
Leandro Barbosa
Linton Johnson