Sunday, January 09, 2005

Shep Interview: CEO Style

Among the first of the fantasy basketball bloggers, Shep (CEO of Give Me The Rock) has shown inconsistency in writing style, a preponderence of bad advice, and a distinct penchant for favoring personal favorites over statistically better players. Most recently, he has declared Steven Hunter a potential sleeper candidate for 2005, berated a reader in his comments, and started embedding irrelavant, unsightly ads in his posts. Despite his apparent desire to do everything wrong, readership of Give Me The Rock is at an all time high. Shep sat down with Shep this week to discuss Give Me The Rock, Fantasy Basketball, the NBA, and to hopefully not set him off on any rants.

Shep: So, your reader base at Give Me The Rock (GMTR) continues to grow. Do you attribute this to that fact that you post frequently, ping a lot of syndication sites, and link to everyone imaginable? Or is there something else that makes GMTR special?

Shep: Well, I have to say, I really can't believe how unbelievably lucky I am. I mean, I knew Vince was going to get traded eventually, but I really didn't factor that in to my decision to go after Chris Bosh. I've always been a Bosh fan, and he's usually very underrated, especially with inexperienced fantasy managers.

Shep: Okay... so luck certainly factors into it. Now, I'm sure your readers want to know what's up with the new ads you've been putting in to your posts...

Shep: Well, fantasy basketball is a very competitive industry. But here at Give Me The Rock we feel the market potential is great enough to include many different kinds of analysis and opinion sites. I'm not saying out site isn't the best, but it is for sure that when you get more people out there writing about fantasy basketball, they are all going to try to be better than the next guy. Really there's a lot of writers in this industry who just want the chance to be heard. Give Me The Rock is giving one such writer that chance.

Shep: Right... so, the ads? They're there. What made you decide to start advertising on your site?

Shep: I'm not sure I understand your question...

Shep: Okay. Moving on... Looking at the Top 25 players in fantasy basketball right now, who do you think is the biggest surprise?

Shep: Are we counting Kyle Korver or not?

Shep: Um, if you want...

Shep: Okay, cause really, how does a guy get to be 23rd on Yahoo when he's averaging 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists with only 42% shooting? Sure he's 89% from the stripe, and makes 2.7 bombs a game, but he only takes 1 free throw a game... and for someone playing 30 minutes a game, that's not impressive. Certainly not 23rd in this industry. Let's take him out. That leaves... I'd say Amare. I'm surprised that he's not higher [than 20th]. I mean, he's a FC, 26 points, 8 rebounds, 1.7 blocks, and 59% shooting. He takes 16 shots a night. At 59%. That'll practically win you a category right there. He's just throwing the ball on people's heads all night. And with his 71% FT shooting, he won't even kill a big ball team like Shaq or Duncan.

Shep: You used to post a lot about AOL vs. Yahoo... Any recent developments there? And what about the other services?

Shep: In this industry, you have to fight hard. AOL was fighting before, but then I think they started satisficing and moving their developers over to their spam-filtering department. Too bad, cause really, who cares about spam? I'd much rather have 500 messages in my Inbox and day-to-day results for my fantasy basketball than the other way around.

Shep: You mean 500 messages in your fantasy basketball and day-to-day results for your Inbox?

Shep: Exactly.

Shep: Gotcha. I noticed you just picked up Sebastian Telfair... can you explain that move?

Shep: I can't explain only 10 minutes a game for a guy who averages 18 points/40 minutes. I cannot explain the highest usage rate on the Portland Trailblazers, and an assist ratio rivaling that of Nick Van Exel. Okay, so maybe he's not that good. But the way people snap up players in my league, I had to leap before looking. Sometimes you land in the pool. Sometimes you land in the bleachers. That's just the way this industry is right now.

Shep: Yeah... I can't even remember my next question...

Shep: Okay, good, cause I have to go figure out who to pick up to replace Chris Wilcox. Who knew Chris Kaman was going to be so unproductive while hogging 20 minutes a game...

Shep: Count it.

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