Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Nash is (in) a freak (accident)

The bruised left thigh that sidelined Nash for the last 2 1/2 games is no longer a problem, but he twisted his back when backup point guard Leandro Barbosa stepped on his foot. Nash was in obvious discomfort after more than an hour of treatment.

Fantasy Impact

Looks like Little Joe Johnson will be the starting PG for the Suns since Leandro was so jealous of everyone talking about how Nash should be MVP that he stepped on his foot. Note to Leandro: Next time, hire someone to hit him in the knee with a retractable metal club. Only, make sure it's not someone to whom your shady boyfriend has ties. I'm sure you could find a disillusioned Timberwolves or Nuggets fan who'd been willing to do it on the cheap.

Amare's shooting has gone downhill (fast) without Nash, but the rest of his numbers are still solid. And of course, Shawn Marion is a fantasy monster, not to mention, MVP candidate. Casey Jacobsen is trying desperately to become a relevant fantasy player. Sorry to tell you Casey, but 7 points in 30 minutes is not quite going to do it.

Count it.


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