Monday, January 03, 2005

Man-Child's Back-up

While Mr. Stoudemire is throwing down 50 points in the face and on the heads of the Blazers... backing him up is Steven Hunter. I point this out because Hunter is leading the league in blocks per 48 minutes (usually a hard category to fill up in fantasy basketball). His complete numbers per 48 minutes are: 19.9 pts, 10.5 rebs, 1.0 ast, 5 blks, and 1.7 TO. He's been putting up essentially the same numbers for his entire career, but only getting about 13 minutes.

John Hollinger has shown that players' numbers per 40 minutes stay pretty much the same no matter how many minutes they play (unless they are terribly out of shape). However, John also says that Hunter lacks defensive intensity, and any other marketable talent. His .14 steals/48 min demonstrate some evidence of that - his reb/40 min (at 8.6), though, are close to the likes of Juwan Howard and Drew Gooden (with whom he played in Orlando).

In fact, Hunter's numbers/48 min are close to that of Howard (of course, Howard is playing like an unfrozen caveman lawyer as opposed to a $200 million dollar man this season), and Howard is owned in 4.1% of ESPN leagues. That's infinitely better (by default) than Hunter's 0.0% ownage. If he could find his way onto the Raptors, Warriors, or Sonics, he might also be able to find a couple more minutes per game to show that he can be just as good as Loren Woods, Adonal Foyle, and Jerome James (.4, .5, and .0% owned, respectively). So if you've soured on Foyle after his "breakout" season in 03-04, and you're already constructing a list of sleepers for next year, see if Hunter remains with the Suns or if he heads North for a team in need of a real center. He could go as high as 108 next year.