Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Update: What is 6 TO's worth?

In the ongoing quest to determine the value of 6 TO's (or more by sheer coincidence than anything else) ... he's my Yahoo teams stat line from last night:

FG: 58.3%
FT: 77.8%
3pt: 8
Pts: 78
Reb: 15
Ast: 13
Stl: 2
Blk: 2
TO: 6

So I guess by default that is what I can get for 6 turnovers. (No, that was Dirk Nowitzki going off again... I had 5 players combine for those numbers. Oh, and thanks Ben Gordon for contributing your 1 assist [and nothing else].)

Don't leave without telling me (and the world) what you can get for 6 turnovers. Please also mention what kind of turnovers they be (eg: apple, blueberry, etc.). My mind is trying to forumulate a joke about eating other teams for breakfast, but it's not coming out...

Count 'em. 6.