Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yahoo Position Changes

Thanks to a2f_gus for this post... - Message Board: "Notable guys who had added eligibility:

Jeff McInnis - G
Matt Harpring - GF
Andrei Kirilenko - F
Donyell Marshall - F
Jalen Rose - GF
Kwame Brown - FC
Gerald Wallace - GF
Dwyane Wade - G
LeBron James - SF
Joe Johnson - GF

Guys who lost eligiblity (important for keepers/dynasties):
Dirk Nowitzki - FC -> PF
Kurt Thomas - FC -> PF
Chris Bosh - FC -> PF
Brad Miller - FC -> C
Samuel Dalembert - FC-> C
Lamar Odom - F -> SF
Drew Gooden - F -> PF
Allen Iverson - G -> PG

For a full list, just check out 'Status Changes' on the right-hand side of your league page."

The changes to added elegibility will take effect this season, whereas the reduced eligibility will not take effect until next season (everyone who drafted Dirk can heave a sigh of relief). I understand changing Dirk, Kurt, and Bosh... Not so sure about Miller, Dalembert, especially Odom (!) and AI...

Well, I gotta get back to evaluating AOL eligibility for my draft starting today...

Friday, October 29, 2004

Reggie Miller injures his hand

Reggie busts up his hand: INDIANAPOLIS -- For the second straight season, Reggie Miller will have to work his way through an injury.

The Indiana guard broke a bone in his left hand in the Pacers' preseason finale against Denver on Friday night.

Fantasy Impact

Not that anyone was going to take him, and probably not a lot of people have him on their teams... but those who do, stick him on IR as soon as he gets there. Of course, with JON (I HATE that nickname), Jeff Foster, Anthony Johnson, and Mr. Bendable already hurting... we'll have to see who the Pacers end up putting on IR. Sounds like Jermania is a top candidate... If you haven't drafted yet, let Miller Time slip a little bit. Also, look at who is left on Indiana's roster, and see if those names correspond with your free agent pool. Might find something you like...

Sleeper Candidates

According to "teddd" from FantasyRef: "Jon Barry - He's likely the starting SG in Atlanta or 6th man at worst and has always been a high 3's, steals with a few assists type guy. He could be a top 100 player this year. Atlanta might also experiment with a lot of small ball, run and gun lineups with Walker and Harrington at the 4/5 spots.

Devin Harris - most people are on top of this now. I'm not convinced that he'll play enough, but he's obviously very good and Nelly has played less highly touted rookies then Harris ahead of (perceived) stars before.

Rodney Rogers - will start or at least see decent minutes now the Mash is out.

Kevin Martin - well he is starting for the King's. And this team likes to run.

Dan Gadzuric - missed the early preseason but clearly the starter now for the Bucks. He can board and block shots.

Charlie Ward - starting. can shoot 3's. Has been overlooked in drafts.

Rodney Buford - I mentioned him last week. He could always score and could play ahead of Ron Mercer.

Deke Mutombo - watch Ming's injury. Deke with 25-28 mpg would help any team with his boards, blocks and solid percentages.

And the deep, deep sleeper of the preseason:

Trevor Ariza - the thin, athletic UCLA small forward has been all over the court for the Knicks. He might not play much at all, but if Tim Thomas gets hurt again, he might move in and start played huge minutes immediately. "

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Mourning plays for first time since kidney transplant

Yahoo! Sports - NBA - Mourning plays for first time since kidney transplant: "Alonzo Mourning played in a game for the first time since a kidney transplant in December and he scored 12 points in 19 minutes for the New Jersey Nets in a 96-94 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night."

Fantasy Impact

If Mourning can play 19 minutes a night... that ain't bad. Especially with his talent, he should be able to make good use of the minutes he gets. Definitely worth a chance in later rounds or as a free agent pick up.

Anthony Johnson out 6-8 weeks

Anthony Johnson to miss 6-8 weeks

Fantasy Impact

Johnson was a good free agent pick-up in deeper leagues last year. Since he's the back-up, you might want to watch for Indiana to pick up another back-up to replace him. Depending on who it is, they might make a good FA... right now, though, if you have him, put him on the IR and start looking for another PG. If you don't have, don't pick him up.

Kwame Brown Update - Message Board: "'Update: Brown (foot surgery), has ruled himself out for the start of the season but is predicting that he might be ready to play by mid-November, the Washington Times reports.

Recommendation: We'll continue to keep an eye on Brown's progress, but for now keep him on your bench until further notice. '

Brown needs to get healthy asap and begin asserting himself as a legitimate weapon in the the Wizards offense."

2 Starting PG's? Hmmmm... - Message Board

I wonder if this person's commissioner did this on purpose or on accident... 2 PG's? Weird...

If you're in a league where you have to start more than 1 point guard, you want to follow the advice of the fantasyref forums hounds and move PG's up your draft list a little. Good PG's are hard to come by after the first few rounds. - Jason Kidd Medical Update - Jason Kidd Medical Update: "New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd was re-evaluated today on the status of his surgically repaired left knee. According to the Nets' medical staff in consultation with Dr. David Altchek of the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, Jason has been cleared to start the on-court phase of his rehabilitation regiment, which is confined to individual non-contact activity several days a week. This rehabilitation does not include any contact scrimmaging with the team. There is no timetable for his return to the active roster."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ray Allen... Always a ?

The Sonics Blog For The Sonics Peoples:
"Allen didn't practice Sunday because of a sore lower back, an injury that has caused him to miss as many as two workouts since the start of training camp. "

Fantasy Impact

Clearly Ray Allen is a big-time fantasy player. He is also in need of perpetual medical supervision. If you're drafting him it's probably in the first couple rounds, and seriously, folks, you can find stronger players in those rounds. If he slips past the first 3, I'd take him in a heartbeat in the 4th. Anywhere before that, though, and I don't like the risk. I'm very risk averse when it comes to injuries.

I'm not risk averse when it comes to putting Luke Ridnour and Luke Jackson on the same team once again, though! Oregon - My Alma Mater! Something something something... And so on...

Count it!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Sonics Forwards Stuck In Reverse

The Sonics Blog For The Sonics Peoples: "Going into the preseason, everyone knew the Sonics had a mammoth, Benoit Benjamin-sized hole in their frontcourt. Now, with Rashard Lewis injured, Vladimir Radmanovic missing shots, and newly acquired Danny Fortson on the 'too flabby to play' list, that hole has turned into a... well, something bigger than a hole"

Fantasy Impact

I considered taking Fortson for a long time in my draft... I ended up taking Chucky Atkins instead (better fit for my team anyway). I also said before he'd be a sleeper this year. I stick by that prediction, but if he is indeed a little chunked out, then he won't be quite the sleeper hit that some other guys might be. Stick to Ray Allen early and Luke Ridnour later in the draft, and you should be fine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This is NOT a Mock Draft

Here's the draft so far for my league. This is not a mock draft, so I think it's a good demonstration of how people might actually pick. It's a slow live draft, but I'll update it as we go along... I'm drafting as FanP (if you care).

round 1
01) Pele - Kevin Garnett - F
02) Vicky_D - Tim Duncan - F/C
03) Recidivist - Kobe Bryant - SG
04) a2f_gus (tr) - Dirk Nowitzki - F/C
05) Easy_E - Shaquille O'Neal- C
06) KingMeng - Andrei Kirilenko - PF
07) Laiernie - Peja Stojakovic - SF
08) Uptempo (tr) - Tracy McGrady - SG
09) Dutch - James LeBron - PG
10) Wjones007 - Shawn Marion - SF
11) FanP - Paul Pierce - SG
12) Piebald - Elton Brand - PF

round 2
01) Piebald - Ray Allen - SG
02) Dutch (tr) - Jermaine O'Neal - PF
03) WJones007 -Brad Miller - C
04) pele (tr) - Yao Ming - C
05) Uptempo (tr) - Ben Wallace - PF
06) Laiernie - Stephon Marbury - PG
07) KingMeng - Steve Francis - PG
08) Easy_E - Baron Davis - PG
09) A2F_gus (tr) - Amare Stoudamire - PF
10) Recividist - Lamar Odom - PF
11) VickyD - Zach Randolph - PF
12) FanP (tr) - Gilbert Arenas - PG

round 3
01) Pele - Micheal Redd - SG
02) Vicky_D - Steve Nash - PG
03) Recidivist - Ron Artes - SF
04) Uptempo - Allen Iverson - SG
05) Easy_E - Sam Cassell - PG
06) A2F_gus (tr) - Mike Bibby - PG
07) Laiernie - Carlos Boozer - PF
08) KingMeng (tr) - Corey Maggette - G/F
09) Easy_E (tr) - Pau Gasol - PF
10) Wjones007 - Vince Carter - SG
11) FanP - Micheal Finley - G/F
12) Piebald - Dwayne Wade - PG

round 4
01) Piebald - Jamaal Magloire - C
02) FanP - Zydrunas Ilgauskas - C
03) WJones007 - Kirk Hinrich - PG
04) Dutch - Rashard Lewis - SF
05) Pele (tr) - Andre Miller - PG
06) Laiernie - Richard Jefferson -SF
07) KingMeng - Samuel Dalembert - FC
08) Dutch (tr) - Theo Ratliff
09) A2F_gus (tr) - Rasheed Wallace - FC
10) Recividist - Chris Webber PF
11) VickyD - Carmelo Anthony - SF
12) Uptempo (tr) - Chauncey Billups- PG

round 5
01) Pele - Donyell Marshall - SF
02) Vicky_D - Eddie Jones - SG
03) Recidivist - Jason Terry - PG
04) Uptempo - Antoine Walker - PF
05) Dutch (tr) - Cuttino Mobley - SG
06) KingMeng - Antawn Jamison - F
07) Laiernie - James Posey - SF
08) A2f_gus - Kenyon Martin - PF
09) Dutch - Chris Bosh - F/C
10) Wjones007 - Erick Dampier - C
11) FanP - Keith van Horn - SF
12) Piebald - Jason Richardson - SG

round 6
01) Piebald - Marcus Camby - C
02) FanP - Grant Hill - SF
03) WJones007 - Richard Hamilton - SG
04) uptempo (tr) - Emeka Okafor - F/C
05) A2F_gus - Jamaal Tinsley - PG
06) Laiernie - Mark Blount - C
07) KingMeng - Manu Ginobili - SG
08) Easy_E - Kurt Thomas - F/C
09) Pele (tr) - Stephen Jackson - G/F
10) Recividist - Jamal Crawford - G
11) VickyD - Marquis Daniels -G/F
12) FanP (tr) - Latrell Sprewell - G/F

round 7
01) Easy_E (tr) - Shareef Abdur Rahim - PF
02) Vicky_D - Gary Payton - PG
03) Recidivist - Joe Johnson - SG
04) Uptempo - Al Harrington - SF
05) Easy_E - Kenny Thomas - PF
06) KingMeng - Eddy Curry - C
07) Laiernie - Brent Barry - G
08) Kingmeng (tr) - Jalen Rose - G
09) Dutch - Jason Williams - PG
10) Wjones007 - Damon Stoudamire - PG
11) FanP - Mehmet Okur - F/C
12) Piebald - Rafer Alston - PG

round 8
01) Piebald - Gerald Wallace - SF
02) FanP - Juwan Howard - F
03) WJones007 - Jim Jackson - G/F
04) Easy_E (tr) - Jason Kidd - G
05) A2F_gus - P.J. Brown - PF
06) Laiernie - Raef LaFrentz - F/C
07) A2f_gus (tr) - Joe Smith - PF
08) Dutch (tr) - Troy Murphy - PF
09) Uptempo - Adonal Foyle - C
10) Recividist - Etan Thomas - F/C
11) VickyD - Stromile Swift - F/C
12) Pele - Carlos Arroyo - PG

round 9
01) Uptempo (tr) - Tony Parker - PG
02) Vicky_D -Larry Hughes - SG
03) Recidivist - Wally Szczerbiak - SF
04) Pele (tr) - Tyson Chandler - PF
05) Easy_E - Jeff McInnes - SG
06) KingMeng - Ricky Davis - G/F
07) Laiernie - Glenn Robinson -SF
08) A2f_gus - Mike Dunleavy - SF
09) Dutch - Rasho Nesterovic - C
10) Wjones007 - Drew Gooden - F
11) FanP - Tim Thomas - F
12) Piebald - Dwight Howard -

round 10
01) Piebald - Kerry Kittles - SG
02) FanP - Ben Gordon - G
03) WJones007 - Matt Harpring - SF
04) Easy_E (tr) - Tayshaun Prince - SF
05) A2F_gus - Derek Anderson - SG
06) Laiernie - Bobby Jackson - PG
07) KingMeng - Antonio Daniels - PG
08) Dutch (tr) - Vladimir Radmanovic
09) Uptempo - Darius Miles - G/F
10) Recividist - Mike James - PG
11) VickyD - JR Smith - SG
12) Pele - Desmond Mason - GF

round 11
01) Pele - Kwame Brown - PF
02) Vicky_D - Primoz Brezec - C
03) Recidivist -
04) Uptempo
05) Easy_E
06) KingMeng
07) Laiernie
08) A2f_gus
09) Dutch
10) Wjones007
11) FanP
12) Piebald

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Not a good day for knees (Alvin Williams)

Sounds like you might want to take Alvin Williams off the draft list as well as Chris Crawford...

Chris Crawford out for the season

Atlanta Hawks forward Chris Crawford is out for the season after tearing his ACL. Maybe he can rehab with Rex Grossman.

Fantasy Impact

Ranked 236 on Yahoo probably means that Crawford won't be drafted in all but the most extreme situations. Most people should be safe, but just make sure you don't end up with him on your roster.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My League

If you'd like to be a part of my Yahoo league (H2H, 12 teams, standard categories), let me know (comments and emails welcome). The key that will open the gates for you is a demonstration of your ferocity w.r.t. and/or love for fantasy basketball.

Count it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


So, it seems now that the pre-season has started everyone cares about basketball again. I'm glad that all my favorite bloggers are returning from their summer slumber... but let's not make too big a deal of the pre-season. As several people have pointed out, it's not like coaches play their normal line-ups during the pre-season. I mean, I think Shaq will be putting in more than 22 minutes a game during the regular season...

But if you stand strong by my side (like a rock) I will continue to guide you through the fantasy basketball season. When things really count, I'll still be here. And if you need advice about your team, I'll be here. If you need to know if someone's trying to rip you off, I'll be here.

Give me the rock. I will not crumble under pressure.

Count it.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Intro to Fantasy Basketball

Rick Kamla gives an introduction fantasy basketball on

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ridnour expected to start for Sonics

Nate McMillian is expected to start Luke Ridnour at PG this season over Antonio Daniels.

Fantasy Impact

He's only a sophomore, but he is a starting point guard. That has to be good for something, right?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Webber's knee is sore... from his surgery... 2 years ago...

Turns out Webber sat out practice because his knee is swollen.

Fantasy Impact

Can you say high risk? C-Webb's GRBE is nearly identical to that of Brad Miller. I know who I'd take...

G-Hill could play up to 4 positions (via Yahoo) is reporting that Hill could play as many as 4 positions for the Magic. Given their undersized nature (tallest on the roster is Mario Kasun at 7-1, then Tony Battie at 6-11; Hedoglu is 6-10 and playing GF), it's not suprising that Hill would play SG in addition to SF. His coach's idea to play him at PG is a little surprising, but Hill has made his living slashing to the basket, so that's not quite as befuddling as the announcement that he'll play PF.

Fantasy Impact

If Hill is healthy, and can play as a GF, he'll be a pretty good choice. Especially in the lower rounds where people will be more likely to take him...

Bulls sign Gary Trent

He's money! I hope he still has those big socks that were all the rage a few years ago!

His addition to the Bulls means they now have 17 people on their roster (according to Yahoo).

Fantasy Impact

Trent will obviously be playing back-up forward for the Bulls. Last year with the Timberwolves, he played in 68 games and averaged 5.6 ppg and 3.2 rpg in 15.1 mpg and shot .473 from the field. With Tyson Chicken and Big O Harrington also playing PF, I don't see more than the 15.1 minutes he got with the Wolves. And I'm sure you know what that means! Don't expect him to get more than those 6 and 3 he had last year.

Count it.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Kings Sign Courtney Alexander

Sacto has signed up Courtney Alexander as a back-up guard.

Fantasy Impact

With Doug Christie injured and the only other SG's on the roster being rookies, the Kings needed some experience. His FG% was pretty much ass in New Orleans, but it was much better when he was with Washington. He should see at least 15 minutes a game... probably more while Christie is recovering. Not sure yet whether he'll start if Doug C Fresh is still down at the start of the season. Seems like a logical choice, since the Kings probably want to keep Bobby Jackson as the back-up PG. With Alexander, you're looking at 9 ppg, 2 rpg, and 1 or 2 apg.

Sunday, October 03, 2004's Player Rankings has ranked the top 175 players in the league. I've looked it over and they look pretty swell.

Friday, October 01, 2004

A Long Sunday (Mailman Not Ready to Play)

[ed: Mail may not come every day, but we're working around the clock to bring you the best fantasy basketball coverage ever. EVER.]

Not sure if this link is permanent, so I'll quote...

Karl Malone told the Los Angeles Lakers he's not ready to play, but he didn't rule out returning sometime this season or beyond.

Karl Malone

"Karl's not playing, but he's also not retiring," Malone's agent, Dwight Manley, said Friday. "He's leaving his options open. Nothing's carved in stone.

"He will be 100 percent physically in the next couple months and his skills are obviously still great. He still could play this year. Anything's possible -- the door is still open."

Fantasy Impact

First of all, let's remember that the Mailman opted out of his contract and is a free agent. While he allegedly had lunch with Jerry Buss and said he wouldn't play for anyone else (but the Lakers) we all know what a little booze can do... Get it? Booze? As in Boozer. Okay, worst attempt at anything that's ever been attempted...

Anyway. Where does that leave the Lakers?

Considering the Lakers can start Lamar Odom at PF, Caron Butler at SF, and Vlade Divac at C, they probably won't miss Malone too much. His experience may be missed by the younger players, but probably not by fantasy owners. His abscence also likely means more playing time for Brian Grant. Many argue that Grant is a Center (at least Yahoo is trying to convince me of that), but he's not. He's best at the PF spot, and backing up Odom is a good spot for him. If the Lakers indeed insist on using Grant at the 5, then that leaves the door open for everyone's favorite Illinois grad Brian Cook.

So that's about the looks of things from the Lakers side of the tracks in LA.

Yahoo Position Changes

Important to note for Yahoo fantasy players:
No longer 'C' eligible but PF only.

Ben Wallace
Jermaine O'Neal
Carlos Boozer
Tyson Chandler
Kwame Brown

Dwight Howard is also PF only but Emeka Okafor does qualify at 'C'.