Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pavlovician Response

[Enter Aleksander]
Aleksander: D'ost thou dream? If thou ist asleep as I am, thou must dream. I dream of a time, call it: playing time, in which I will move like a cat down the court, a black cat perhaps; crossing over others' paths before dropping three-balls in the eyes of my enemy. My stroke so fluid it makes jealous the self-gratifiers. my skills cut from the diamonds of Serbia-Montenegro.

A new king is in power, or rather, I have entered his prescence. He is a loving kinng who wishes no more than to distribute his wealth. But alas, his prince has left him. Many suitors are sure to follow, but I am the one of which he dreams - though he has never slept. And so, I sleep, and dream, through hot summer nights. I dream of minutes with which come points. I dream because I am still asleep, but I will awaken, and my dreams will become reality.