Thursday, August 26, 2004

Marbury makes some 3's

Seriously, it's about time someone on the USA team hit a 3-pointer. I couldn't believe that Starbury or AI couldn't come up with something better - though I can forgive Iverson because of the broken thumb (even though he plays broken all the time). It wasn't all that long ago (the 2001 All-Star game) when Kobe and Marbury took turns dropping bombs on each other (and their respective teams). I know the Starb is supposed to be the point guard on Team USA - and don't get me wrong, he's been doing a fine job with that - but he's what they ("they") refer to as a "shoot-first point guard." I've also seen Iverson launch many a devious 3-pointer during the regular season, so perhaps he just considered this his vacation from draining shots from long distance. (Because he doesn't appear to be taking time off from reckless shooting)

Fantasy Impact

None really... Except maybe that you can count on Marbury and Iverson to make at least 1 three-pointer per game again this season. Now that they've miraculously "remembered" how to shoot. (I think Team USA just needed to remove the collective monkey from their backs)

(Also, I think I may have set a record for most parenthetical statements per sentence and/or word with this post )