Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Give Them The Rock?

In trying to see how highly ranked I am on google (not that these things really concern me, but whatever...) I came across this AWESOME video featuring, well, I'll let the description from the site fill you in:

For most of today's NBA stars, the rock is life. Jamming, shooting, dishing, and swatting the Rock are what dreams are made of. With the game on the line, the best in the game all say "Give Me the Rock!"

For David Robinson, Hersey Hawkins, Mark Price, and at least a dozen other NBA stars, the Rock means more than life on the hardwood. Their Rock helps them face the full-court pressure in their careers, families and personal lives, and brings them unltimate victory.

In "Give Me the Rock!" these NBA stars give you 38 minutes of their best. Network analyst Clark Kellogg takes you inside the minds and hearts of some of the game's greatest. Packed with rockin' game highlights, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive up-close interviews, this fast-paced video will make you say, "Give Me the Rock!"

This thing is only $9.99!! I may have to have it!

I'm a little surprised they didn't mention A.C. Green (if you check the site, I think you'll see what I'm talking about). Who doesn't miss the abstinence bear?